Youtube Policy

Demo versions of all beats on our website may be used for free on YouTube for non-monetized, ad-free videos. YouTube’s ContentID audio fingerprinting system may match music in your video to a copyrighted beat from our website and notify you of a* copyright claim*. You can accept this claim and it will not impact on your video or channel, it only means you will not be able to earn ad revenue.

If you would like to monetize your video on YouTube you will require a Sync (for broadcasting and media use) or Exclusive (for any type of use) license which can be bought from our website. If you own such a license and still have an open copyright claim, please contact us and we will remove it. Note that you do not have the right to submit your own songs to ContentID programs such as TuneCore, Rumblefish or BeatStars without owning the Exclusive license to a beat at which point we will relinquish our copyright and pass it on to you.

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