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Welcome to MIQVERSE MUSIC the premier destination for high quality  R&B instrumentals. MIQVERSE MUSIC provides the professional studio ready instrumental music in addition to professional quality customer service. All music is 100% sample free and completely owned by MIQVERSE MUSIC.

I offer a variety of different styles of instrumental music with several licensing options to fit most every budget however should you need a piece of music tailored  R & B Instrumental Beatsto suit your specific style I also offer Custom Music Production.

All custom music comes with an Exclusive license as well as all of the separated audio files. I reserve the right to use any tagged versions of beats for promotional purposes in ads, Youtube videos and across social platforms furthermore credit  must be given to MIQVERSE as producer with a link to in all Youtube videos.

Professional Quality Instrumental Music

Music Producer Quincy Jones Quote

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Melody is king, and don’t you ever forget it. Lyrics appear to be out front, but they’re not; they’re just an accompanying factor. If they’re good, you’re really in good shape. Lyrics are written to be rewritten.

Quincy Jones


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