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Welcome to home to indie music producer MIQ VERSE and the destination for the best in high quality instrumental music. First let me thank you for taking the time to check out my music. It is my mission to reach as many people from artists to fans to creatives to pretty much anyone around the world who loves music and is looking to add my music to their projects whether they be Youtube channels, film, tv,  or even video game projects. Music, has been my passion for as long as I can remember and has always held a special place in my heart and now I have the opportunity to share it with the world.

My musical library is a collection of different genres of music that have influenced me over the years. Growing up idolizing icons like Michael Jackson, Prince and Janet Jackson I learned how you can incorporate many different styles of music like Rock, Jazz, Funk, Pop and even World music to broaden the musical range of what I do as a creative. Because of all those influences my musical library will continue to evolve over time absorbing more influences along the way. With that being said I am sure you will be able to find an instrumental to suit your needs. However if for some reason you don’t I also offer Custom Music Production as well.

All of my custom music production comes with an Exclusive license and will never be made available for sale to other artists. However I do reserve the right to use any tagged versions of custom beats I produce for promotional purposes in ads, Youtube videos and across social platforms. Artists must also credit MIQVERSE as producer with a link to

Producer of High Quality Soulful Music

All of my music is available as free tagged Mp3 downloads for demo use on Soundcloud and Youtube when you join my mailing list. The free low quality tagged music downloads however do not grant rights to monetize on any platform. If you are interested in monetizing you must purchase a license in my store (above) where I offer several licensing options. 

I love to hear how artists, Youtubers, other creatives or just fans use my music. Whether it is a Vlog with my music as background or your newest single produced by yours truly please feel free to contact me with an embeddable link so I can add you to  my production credits page. Songs I receive that I really believe in I also try to help promote as much as I can.

Beats for Sale – Free Demo Downloads

Please sign up to my mailing list to check out the new songwriting tips I am putting together where I will be offering my experience as a seasoned songwriter with tips on things like overcoming writer’s block, song structure and so much more. If you would like to be notified of new music, upcoming contests and member only beats the mailing list is the way to go!

Mailing list members always receive discounts that the general public does not have access to so don’t miss out. Sign up today!

How do I sign up for the mailing list?

In order to sign up you for my mailing list you have two options. You can either scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find a sign up form that is very simple and quick to complete or you can simply click the download option on any track you are interested in at which point you will be prompted to enter your email and full name.  The link for your download will then be sent to the email you provided and you are now officially a mailing list member! Congratulations!

I also will be offering beats to my mailing list members that will not be available to the public at any time so that is yet another reason you need to sign up!

What are Exclusive licenses?

Exclusive licenses are licenses for instrumental beats that grant the purchaser Exclusive usage of the beat or instrumental. However please keep in mind that I DO NOT offer Exclusive licenses on ANY beats in my library.  The only way to get Exclusive ownership of a beat is to purchase  a custom beat for your project that will never be available for sale on the website. The benefits to Custom Beats with Exclusive rights are that it gives you unlimited usage of the track, individual stem files and a sound created specifically for your needs per your requests. If you would like more information about Exclusive ownership of tracks please fill out the request form for custom beats and we discuss options to fit your budget. This option for all intents and purposes is truely Exclusive as custom beats are never uploaded to the site and are never offered for sale on ANY platform. When I sell an Exclusive license I like to give my clients REAL Exclusive ownership.

What exactly are Instrumental Beats anyway?

Iinstrumental beats are pieces of music composed by a beatmaker/music producer in pretty much any genre of music that may or may not contain a vocal hook. These pieces of music are then licensed to artists, film makers, music directors, Youtubers among others for use in various creative projects. They may also be released as a  commercial project as an instrumental album or beat tape.

Melody is king, and don’t you ever forget it. Lyrics appear to be out front, but they’re not; they’re just an accompanying factor. If they’re good, you’re really in good shape. Lyrics are written to be rewritten.

Quincy Jones



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