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High Quality R&B Instrumental Beats

Welcome to MIQVERSE MUSIC the premier destination for the best in high quality R&B music production and R&B instrumental beats for recording artists, music professionals, Youtubers and the average listener who just enjoys a good song. As a musician it is my mission to provide the highest quality R&B music as well as high level customer service that surpasses the industry standard for licensing music. All of the music in my library is 100% sample free and is completely owned by MIQVERSE MUSIC.

Whether it be the production stylings of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, , Teddy Riley, Babyface, Rodney Jerkins or Bryan Michael Cox at some point in my life their talents have altered my musical identity. Because of all those influences my production style continues to evolve over time absorbing many other styles along the way. With that being said I am sure you will be able to find a piece of music to suit your needs. However if for some reason you don’t I also offer Custom Music Production as well.

All of my custom music production comes with an Exclusive license as well as all of the separated audio stem files. However I do reserve the right to use any tagged versions of custom beats I produce for promotional purposes in ads, Youtube videos and across social platforms. Artists must also credit MIQVERSE as producer with a link to www.miqverse.com in Youtube videos as ell as any other other digital platforms you may distribute your music to.

Producer of High Quality Soulful R&B Music

All of my music is available as free tagged Mp3 downloads for demo use on Soundcloud and Youtube . In order to get these free downloads you must sign up as a member of my mailing list through my beat store. If you click the download button on any tracks in my store you will then be prompted to provide your email address at which point your selected track will be emailed to you via the email address you provide.

Mailing list members enjoy benefits like beats available only to members, special mailing list pricing, early notification of site wide sales, weekly songwriting tips and so much more! The free low quality tagged music downloads however do not grant rights to monetize on any platform and are not for professional recording purposes. If you are interested in monetizing you must purchase a license in my store (above) where I offer several licensing options. 

I love to hear how artists, Youtubers, creatives or just your average listener uses my music. Whether it is a vlog with my music as background or your newest single produced by yours truly please feel free to contact me with an embeddable link or audio file so I can add you to  my production credits page. Songs I receive that I really believe in I also try to help promote as much as I can.

Melody is king, and don’t you ever forget it. Lyrics appear to be out front, but they’re not; they’re just an accompanying factor. If they’re good, you’re really in good shape. Lyrics are written to be rewritten.

Quincy Jones



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