Why Getting A Record Deal is Not the Brass Ring

The record deal. Once revered as the golden ticket to fame and fortune has lost much of its luster over the years. Ok let’s be honest getting a record deal was never a guarantee of anything but nothing is ever guaranteed in life. For every Mariah Carey who pumps out a long string of record breaking hits there is a slew of wannabes who get deals and their record never sees the light of day. However there has been a changing of the guard over time and the importance of the record label has diminished greatly opening the lanes for musical entrepreneurship.

Whether your a producer who is now able to make a great living selling beats online as opposed to depending on checks that may never come from major recording labels or indie artists who can record an entire project for a fraction of what they could 10 years ago the power is now in the hands of the creatives. Now with this power comes a massive amount of responsibility. It is up to you to decide how your music will sound, your image, booking shows, writing or finding your own songs you can’t forget marketing and promotions. 

Being a musician in 2017 requires that not only should you be talented, which was always a given, but also that you are able to see yourself as a a business. the responsibility is all yours now. Sure that may seem daunting to some of you but guess what that is the exciting part. Your destiny is now in your hands. You make the decisions not some guy/gal who never sang a note or struck a chord sitting in an office reading the latest issue of Billboard magazine.

Look at the successful artists who have taken their careers into their own hands like a Tori Kelly. After being ousted from American Idol she went home and built a huge audience on Youtube writing and playing her own music and releasing her own indie projects. Low and behold here come the record labels and guess what? They had to approach her on her own terms because she already had a large fanbase. So even if the record deal is still your goal taking hold of your career in the beginning and building your audience will allow you to get a more favorable deal in the future.

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