Music Licensing

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What is Music Licensing?

All four of my music licensing options allow you  to distribute, stream, giveaway and perform your song that you record over any of my productions. Each license has specific terms at which you are required to adhere or risk violating and or nullifying your licensing agreement. I created the various options to fit as many different budget scenarios as possible. I also offer custom music production that offers Exclusive licensing options not available for beats in my beat store.

What is the best music licensing option?

Well if you have the budget for it I always say that the Unlimited Option is the way to go. It is what I like to call the set it and forget option. It gives you complete unlimited usage to the track you purchase meaning there is no cap on sales or distribution on this license as well as you get the high quality stem files which are perfect for getting a professional mix on your song which you will not be able to achieve with just a two track recording.

Think about this. Let’s say you buy this dope beat that inspired you to write the best song of your career. You feel this could be your next smash. You record your new record and put it out and after some heavy promotion and a great marketing strategy your record finally pops and sales are moving like hotcakes. But wait. The non-exclusive license you bought only allowed for 10,000 copies in sales now what? Now you have to go back purchase a new license. With the Unlimited option you never need to purchase another license again. What more could you want?

Why should limitations be placed on your music?

If you are trying to grow your brand as an artist do you really want to be worrying about whether or not your sales have violated your licensing contract or worse having to pay for yet another license for a beat you are already using? That is why when anyone asks me what the best licensing option is at I always promote the Unlimited options. You can focus your energy on the important issues like improving as an artist and getting your music out to the world.

Want to see the Non-Exclusive agreement for yourself? Download a PDF below!


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