The Single Biggest Reason Most Artists Fail

Failure is something most of us constantly try to avoid myself included but in reality in failing you only get better. You learn to try a different strategy or to work a little harder and in reality the only true failure is not trying. Not putting up that Youtube video you have been saying you were gonna put up for the past year or not finishing that song you have been procrastinating on. That is the only failure. Allowing fear to paralyze you and not doing what you want in life is the biggest reason most artists fail. The great thing though is you can change all of that by just doing. There is no secret trick or maneuver. Just do. 

The artists you look up to only got to where they are at by never quitting. Life will always drop obstacles in your way believe me I am living it myself. Did you know Usher’s career almost stalled before it even started. He was signed very young so as he entered the teen years his voice began to change. With his voice changing his label LaFace records did not know what do with him. After the lukewarm success of his debut album he teamed up with legendary producer Jermaine Dupri to create the album that would catapult him into superstar status “My Way”. 

Now imagine if he quit and stopped believing in himself. There would have been no “8701” and even worse no “Confessions”. In 2017 you have way more options than Usher did back then so there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make a name for yourself in this game. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and get off your butt and get it done. Write that song. Do that show. Get a vocal coach. Stop dreaming and start living!

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