At First Listen: Case “Heaven”

MIQVERSE here with a new installment of R&B At First Listen. Today we get a new release by one of R&B’s veteran male vocalist known for 90s hits like “Touch Me Tease Me”, “Happily Ever After” and “Missing You”. I am talking about the one and only Case. He is back with a new single called “Heaven” coinciding with the episode about his career on TV One’s “Unsung”.

With “Heaven” Case has come back with a song meant to be a slow jam burner. This record feels like a song that was on the cutting room floor from one of his 90’s albums which is not necessarily a bad thing. In “Heaven” Case takes a class in the school of Keith Sweat with some very old school serious begging. Something that is missing from today’s R&B where you have most artists like Trey Songz and Chris Brown are basically having sex on record.

This record feels good because for someone who grew up in the golden era that was 90s R&B music it takes me back to groups like Jodeci and Dru Hill. I have always thought Case was a competent vocalist but nothing to write home to mama about. If there was a shortcoming on this record it would be that I think this record would have sounded better performed by K-Ci & JoJo or Jazz and Sisqo but Case did an admirable job and this is a solid single.

Will this bring him any new fans? I doubt it but for those that are Case fans I don’t think he disappointed on this record. I give this a solid B. I don’t think if I had produced this record I would have changed much except maybe turned it into a real 90s show and made it a duet with Mary J Blige. Anyway I wanna know what you guys think. Let me know in the comments below.

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