Licensing Beats 101

The Benefits To Leasing Beats

Licensing beats is an industry that has been taking over the traditional music industry more and more everyday. The act of licensing beats is when a Producer grants an artist the rights to use beats composed by said producer. This is beneficial for producers because they have able to create careers for themselves outside of the major label paradigm and it benefits artists because it gives them access to high quality music at an affordable cost. 

Producers are not only making careers leasing their music to up and coming artists but are also attracting the attention of artists with major label contracts and getting placements with those artists because of the success they are having as entrepreneurs online. When you visit a beat leasing site whether it be the site of an individual producer like MIQVERSE or a site with a collection of producers like a Beatstars you will come across many different options when it comes to licensing beats. The common practice for most producers is to offer several different licensing options that usually start at your most basic license offering a low quality MP3 and a host of limitations that decrease somewhat as you are upsold a higher licensing option with a few more options as far as distribution and sales and quality of audio files.

What are Exclusive Rights?

Here at I do not offer Exclusive licensing on any of the beats in my library but I do offer Exclusive licensing for custom music production. With Exclusive licensing you have the benefits of knowing that you the artist will have sole Exclusivity with the beat you purchase and with me only offering Exclusive licenses on custom production you also have the added benefit of knowing that no one else owns a license to that particular track which was composed specifically for you. I also offer a custom Non-Exclusive license for artists interested in custom beats who cannot currently fit a custom Exclusive into their budget. Email for more information!

In conclusion with every producer you will find that there are many different licensing options. Please READ YOUR AGREEMENTS! They are enforceable by a court of law! Ask questions so you know what you are purchasing and I advise all artists to ask to see their licensing agreements prior to purchasing. No producer should have an issue with that. As always keep writing, singing, dancing, playing or whatever it is that you do and never forget that whenever you create aim to inspire!

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