What can I use free downloads for?

Free downloads are for demo usage only and are only available to mailing list members. When you download you will receive a low quality mp3 file tagged with the MIQVERSE mark. You may only upload your recordings to Soundcloud and Youtube and you must credit MIQVERSE as the sole producer as well as include the www.miqverse.com link somewhere in the description of your song. Any attempts to monetize on beats you have not purchased a license for could infringe on copyrights owned by MIQ VERSE MUSIC and may result in legal action as well as being placed on the ban list from www.miqverse.com and my Beatstars Pro Page www.miqversemusic.com. Free Downloads Policy

What is your refund policy?

I only offer refunds on purchased beats and soundkits on a very limited basis. If there is ever an issue with a music download promptly email me and I will get your download mailed to you within 24 hours. If for some reason there is an issue with a corrupted file and I am unable to provide the music you purchased you will receive a full refund and credit for a future purchase.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?

Absolutely. I totally understand that every artist is working within a given budget so in efforts to help offset the costs a bit I offer bulk discounts which may change from time to time so keep your eye on my beat stores here at miqverse.com as well as my Beatstars Pro page at www.miqversemusic.com. To check my current bulk deals please click on the deals button in the right hand corner just above the track listings.

How can I get a Custom beat?

In order to purchase a custom beat you will need to go to the Custom Beats page and fill out my form with the proper information to get a quote. Something special I am offering that most other producers don’t is Non-Exclusive and Exclusive custom beats. If you are wanting a beat in a particular style but don’t have a budget for Exclusive rights I can do a custom Non-Exclusive beat for $49.95 with no stem files or $225.95 with stem files. All beats have the standard Unlimited licensing that I offer for all of my beats.

Can I resell your beats?

Absolutely not. At no point in time are you to resell the beats you purchase or download. Doing so is a violation of my licensing agreements and could result in legal action being taken against all involved parties.

Why should I join your mailing list?

Well there are several reasons. When you join my mailing list you are the first to learn of new music, you have access to free demo downloads and also have access to members only pricing where I offer discount pricing to members only as well as beats that I release exclusively for my mailing list members. I also offer free weekly songwriting tips to help you improve your pen game if you have never written s song before or just want to improve your pen game.

Do your beats come tagged?

No all purchased beats come tag-free in mp3 or wav formats. However free downloads are always tagged.

Can I be paid when performing a song using one of your beats?

Absolutely no matter what license you purchase. Some producers try to limit this but personally I see no point in it. So if you get a paid gig and want to perform a song that you wrote to one of my beats you purchased go for it and make sure you set that stage on fire!

How much can I profit from my songs with your beats?

This is an easy question to answer. As much as you want. You are never limited to how much you can sell, distribute or stream with my beats. I want you to have the freedom to grow your fan base. When you win I win as well. No more needing to purchase a second license unless of course if you purchased a Non-Exclusive and are interested in Exclusive rights. If you find yourself in this situation contact me and we discuss whether or not the beat is still available for Exclusive licensing and what your budget may be.

Do you offer Exclusive rights to beats?

Yes. Exclusive licensing is available but only for custom beats not my catalog being sold in the beat store. Please complete a custom music production request if you would like a beat custom made for you.

Do you offer mixing or mastering services?

At this time I am not offering mixing services but that is something I am looking to in the future.


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