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Am I able to upload the songs I record with free downloads to Youtube or Soundcloud? 

Absolutely! All of my instrumentals have a free download option for you to record your original songs over tagged mp3 tracks and upload them to Soundcloud and Youtube. Click the download button and you will get a tagged MP3 audio file of your selected track. Un-tagged versions of my instrumentals are available for at my instrumental store. Contact me via email at contact@miqverse.com for more information! Note: The Free Sample Download license does not allow for you to monetize on either Youtube or Soundcloud or any other platform. If you are interested in monetizing your songs you must purchase a license.

How can I use the Free Sample Download?

This license allows the user to download a Free Sample production track for use only on YouTube and SoundCloud.

The user is not allowed to distribute their finished song to commercial retailers like iTunes or Spotify. They are also not allowed to monetize on YouTube or SoundCloud with this license. This license is only intended for free promotional use.

The music producer maintains all master, copyright, and publishing rights to the production.


Do you offer Exclusive licenses?

Yes, I do offer Exclusive licensing! The Exclusive license rate is $500.00. I also offer custom music production see below.

Do you offer Custom music production?

Yes! If you would like a track created specifically for you I can definitely accommodate your requests. Custom music production is only available as an exclusive purchase.The rate for custom beats is $600.00 with $300.00 due upon starting the track. Once the final mix of the beat has been approved by the artist/recording label the remaining $300.00 will be due. All wav audio files will be made available for mixing and mastering. I do not offer payment plans however you can apply for credit through Paypal for Exclusive purchases.

How long are your Non-Exclusive leases?

All of our Non-Exclusive leases have a 10 year duration.

Do your beats have samples? 

All of the music I produce in some shape or form may use fully licensed sample libraries however from time to time I do sell beats that may contain samples that need to be cleared. Please be aware that any of my beats containing uncleared samples will be the responsibility of the artist to clear any samples in the beats you purchase. Contrary to what most producers will advice it is NOT legal to use a sample without the proper clearances regardless of the length of the sample used. If a producer tells you this they are unclear of how copyright law works.

Do you accept money orders, checks or Western Union?

Sorry I have no plans to add this option as I want to keep the customer service experience as quick and painless as possible for all involved. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

When I buy an Exclusive license does that mean I own the beat outright?

No. Exclusive licenses give you the right as the songwriter to monetize on your song however you see fit outside of reselling the instrumental itself and you will be the sole owner of the Exclusive license. This is another reason that I only offer Exclusive licensing on custom music production. If hundreds of thousands of other artists have non-exclusive licensing rights to your instrumental it isn’t really “exclusive” now is it? With an exclusive license you can license your completed song for many options that can be great revenue streams such as film, TV, video games, radio jingles, commercials and pretty much any other opportunity where you can license your song as an additional revenue stream.

You own 50% of the publishing on your completed song as the songwriter. If you employ another songwriter to write the entire song they own the songwriter share but if you co-write the song you would split the songwriters share 50/50 giving each of you 25% of the publishing. Songs are broken down in to two parts as far as the publishing is concerned. There is the songwriter share and the producer share. When you purchase an Exclusive license the publishing is split between you the purchaser and MIQ VERSE MUSIC. Exclusive licenses are not royalty free. As the producer I am NOT entitled to resell the instrumental once Exclusive rights have already been sold. However I may use the instrumental for promotional purposes whether it be to show my portfolio or help in promoting an artists or Youtuber who licenses any of my music.

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