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I have a vision for the future of MIQ VERSE MUSIC. A vision that exists outside of the traditional major label paradigm. MVM is an independent music production company providing the highest quality instrumentals and beats for artists who choose to take control of their own musical destiny. No more begging for label execs to listen to your demo only to tie you up in unethical recording contracts that only benefit the label itself. You are the label. This is the era of the musical entrepreneur and what you do from here on out will decide your worth as an artist. Value your career and align yourself with the hottest up and coming music producer in the game. MIQ VERSE.

MIQ VERSE ~CEO & Founder

As a product of a very musical family I can’t recall a time when music was not a pivotal part of my life. Growing up the son of one of the most incredible vocalists I know my mother,  I learned all I know about music from her. She never got to do what I feel was her true calling professionally and that was music.

MIQ VERSE - R&B Instrumental Music Producer


I grew up with singing and dancing being my first loves and artists like Michael Jackson and Prince and later early Hip Hop pioneers like LL Cool J  as my musical heroes. I did most everything I could related to music whether it was joining the school band, singing in local talent shows, writing songs or joining the Chorale in high school I did it. However I found this love for music production that i never knew I had which led me to creating MIQ VERSE MUSIC.

Making music is as natural to me as breathing so let’s make some music together. Music for the soul.

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