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MIQ VERSE MUSIC is a independent music production company that specializes in high quality R&B/Pop music production and songwriting. MVM was started in as an outlet for me to just really express myself musically as a singer/songwriter but then I decided to try my hand in music production and started working with a few artists online which led me to where I am today licensing music to artists, Youtubers, Film/Tv, music libraries and pretty much anywhere music is consumed.

In 2017 I decided to focus my attention on bringing the soul back to the R&B music that started it all for me as a kid growing up. Over the years I have noticed the waning interest being shown to R&B in general especially the R&B that made the 80s and 90s so great musically and made an 80s baby like me fall in love with music. There are very few “online” producers focusing on the musicality of their R&B beats and even fewer that offer different styles of R&B outside of Trap beats.

With MIQ VERSE MUSIC I see the opportunity to provide high quality music to all artists with a particular focus on indie artists. Whether you are a R&B singer looking for some true R&B beats, a Pop artist who wants to add some soul to their sound  or a rapper who wants some Hip Hop Soul I think you are going to enjoy what you hear in my music.


Good question! Well I am a music producer based out of Texas but my musically journey actually started as a singer/songwriter. Growing up a military brat I moved a lot and music was like the best friend I could always count on.  I spent hours listening to music as a kid in my room. Everything from Michael Jackson and Prince to 80s Pop to 90s Hip Hop and R&B as well as Jazz, Rock and even Classical music could be heard blasting from my headphones. But my first true love has always been R&B/Soul music.

I later discovered a talent and a love for singing, dancing and songwriting and through that formed a few music groups, joined the church choir, played trumpet and baritone horn in the school band and later became a self taught guitarist and pianist. The itch to compose my own music as a producer came much later though I had always grown up admiring producers like Quincy Jones, Timbaland, Bryan Michael Cox, Flying Lotus,The Neptunes,Teddy Riley, J Dilla, David Foster, Pete Rock and so many others reading all the credits of their work.

After testing a demo of Ableton Live and later receiving Fl Studio as a Christmas gift I dove into music production headfirst which brings me to now. With MIQ VERSE MUSIC I aim to create the go to music production company for quality music that has been missing from the online beat buying experience!

 I thank you for visiting MIQVERSE.com and please don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list below to get notifications of new music as it is uploaded as well as beats that will only be available for mailing list members. So again thank you and remember that with every song you create remember to inspire!

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