A Great Youtube Clip on Sample Clearance by Wendy Day

If you are pursuing a career in music whether it be as an indie label owner, producer or artist Wendy Day is a name that if you are not already familiar you definitely should be. She has been instrumental in advocating for the careers of artists for many many years and is a wealth of information on how to have a successful career and get paid what you are worth. One issue with which I was eager to hear her speak upon was sample clearance. In the following Youtube clip from Wendy’s channel she does a very detailed interview with sample clearance expert Deborah Mannis-Gardner of DMG Clearances Inc. In this interview Deborah speaks specifically on the myths circulating around the music community about a supposed 1-2 second sample rule among other falsehoods. 

Sample clearance is something of a passion of mine because as someone who was an artist/musician first before delving into beat making, I have heard almost all of the false information that has been circulating around among producers and artists all over the globe. As an artist when you purchase a beat from a producer you expect to be able to trust that individual and that they will be knowledgeable about the industry in which they work. Unfortunately most producers are not aware of copyright laws and do not understand what copyright infringement really is. So in efforts to help educate artists as well asproducers I plan to gather as much information as possible from as many reputable sources as possible to help artists make the most informed decisions when purchasing or downloading beats.

So I hope you guys got a general idea from the interview with Deborah what exactly you as artists are getting into when you purchase or download beats containing uncleared samples. There is absolutely no way copyright law could be explained in detail in one 25 minute video but this was just to give you a slight overview into why clearing samples is important for artists and even producers. So the next time you go to purchase a hot beat make sure there are no uncleared samples in it and if there are keep in mind that if the producer refuses to get them cleared the responsibility is left solely on you to get it cleared and that is financial burden that you might not want to bear. Remember to read your license agreements PRIOR to purchasing. Every producer in my opinion should have a sample contract available for viewing for potential clients.

I hope this helped you guys understand a little bit as to why this matters and why you need to ask as many questions as you possiblly can when purchasing beats especially beats that use samples. Know what you are signing up for.

As always guys remember to CREATE AND INSPIRE!

Wendy Day (born 1962)[1] is an American entrepreneur, writer, and founder of Rap Coalition, an organization which helps negotiate deals for hip-hop artists.[2]

Having brokered deals for the likes of Master P‘s No Limit Records,[3]Cash Money Records,[4] Eminem, David Banner [5]and more. Wendy Day’s clients have totaled well over a billion sales of sound recordings. Known as the only advocate for hip hop artists during rap’s “Golden Era”, she started a not-for-profit organization Rap Coalition to get early rap superstars out of ‘sharecropper’ record deals. Deals that rarely got these rappers paid, and often left them in debt to the tunes of millions of dollars based on the ‘major label math’ that has kept America’s biggest entertainment companies flush with cash, while leaving the scores of artists destitute, despite the fact that their music generated billions of dollars of income. Wendy Day’s work with the above named artists and independent labels has helped to make multimillionaires of all of them.

In the past, Day has managed the careers of Twista, David Banner, C-Murder, Slick Rick, Ras Kass, Killah Priest, and Fiend. As of 2015, it is reported that Wendy Day no longer manages rappers.[1] ~courtesy of wikipedia~

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